How To Look For A Good Challenge Coin Manufacturer

Challenge coins are small round-shaped items that usually feature a certain organization’s emblem or logo. Just like typical monetary coins, these coins are also made using various metals. They usually measure 1.5 inches in diameter.

Several stories imply that these items were first used by military men during World War I. They would often carry them for unit identification.images (8)


There is a unique way of showing these coins to fellow soldiers and that is through challenges. Soldiers would often “challenge” the other military personnel to show their coins to them. If one person fails to present a coin, he would buy drinks for those who have their coins with them.

Aside from being used for identifying and challenging others, these items are also presented to those who have achievements.

They are not just given to soldiers. Nowadays, challenge coins are also awarded to hardworking employees of certain corporations.
These coins can be customized according to client’s preference.

Today, there are several manufacturers creating these personalized coins. If you wanted one for your organization, it’s very necessary to find a coin manufacturer that can be trusted. Below are the steps on how you can find a good one.


Research about the coins


Before you look for a manufacturer, study how challenge coins are made first. Research about various the coin types; learn about the materials used for making them. It’s very important for consumers to be familiar with the products they want to purchase.


Look for coin manufacturers


If you already know something about challenge coins, start looking for manufacturers online. Don’t forget to check each seller’s reputation. You can do it by reading online reviews.

If a manufacturer has a lot of negative comments, don’t consider it anymore. Looking at reviews will prevent you from being scammed by fraudulent manufacturers.


Browse their websites


After searching for manufacturers, check their official websites. Make sure to read the terms and conditions. If you cannot understand some statements, look for every manufacturer’s FAQ page. Don’t be afraid to ask questions not found on the page.

If a certain manufacturer will not respond to your inquiry, don’t consider it. An ideal coin manufacturer must be client-focused.

They must be willing to listen to their customers.


Check the galleries


Don’t forget to check every manufacturer’s photo gallery as well. Ask yourself if you’re impressed with the designs you encountered. Checking the galleries will help you assess which manufacturer can create excellent-looking coins for your organization. A good manufacturer must be able to create colorful, uniquely-shaped coins aside from the round-shaped ones.


Compare prices and services


Before you pick a coin manufacturer, compare the services and the price list of every manufacturer first. Check if a certain manufacturer is offering discounts and free shipping to its clients.
Make sure that it won’t charge you for revisions as well. Other services done by coin manufacturers include free artwork and quote. Choose the seller with reasonable offers. Pick the one that can deliver coins in the quickest possible time.


Design your coin


Once you’re done picking a specific manufacturer, you can start designing your organization’s coin. If you created a sketch, give it to them. It will help them produce your medallions fast. Tell all your ideas to them. Choose the shape and metal type you prefer. If you want them to look elegant, pick gold or silver.To make them even more special, buy coin boxes for them.


Review the finished product


If your coins have arrived, make a review about them. Ask yourself if you’re also satisfied with the manufacturer’s service.

If possible, recommend it to your acquaintances.