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Benaroya Pictures – The Words

The story follows a famous author reading from his first and most aclaimed novel at a university reading. The novel written many years ago launched his career, it suspiciously tells the story of a younger writer who, at the peak of his literary success, discovers the price he must pay for having stolen another man’s work in order to have launched his own career.


The Seattle Times

See 10 good movies in 10 remaining days of SIFF
Don’t take your chances on just any film: Go to one that’s recommended by Seattle Times reviewers. Our team of staff and freelance writers has seen dozens of festival films — including these 10 good ones, all of which will be shown in the next week.

3.5 stars“Killing Bono.” Imagine that you are a pair of Irish teenage brothers in the ’70s, and a few of your mates at school form a band — and that band eventually becomes U2, making albums that sell millions of copies. Meanwhile, you form a band, making an album that sells 10 copies. That’s the based-on-true-events premise of Nick Hamm’s winning and at times poignant comedy about dreams of stardom. 1:30 p.m. June 5 at the Neptune; 9:15 p.m. June 8 at the Admiral


U2 Tour Fans – KB review

Tonight Jenny and I attended the North American premiere of Killing Bono at the Seattle International Film Festival, SIFF. It was shown at the Neptune Theatre, one of the University District’s oldest theatres. The movie Killing Bonois based on Neil McCormick’s memoir Killing Bono: I was Bono’s Doppelganger.I liked the book better.

Neptune Theatre SIFF

North American premiere of Killing Bono 6.2.11

The movie Killing Bono was good. It was well-done, entertaining and funny. I especially liked Robert Sheehan who played Ivan McCormick, Neil’s brother.
I liked that the only U2 song that was played was I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, especially since
I’m not hearing it live anymore. The Larry character of course did not do Larry justice, but the Adam’s character late 1970s hair was dead on



Pre-order KB DVD

You can pre-order the dvd on Amazon! Click HERE!

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New poster – Gaumont Pathe

Click on the pix to see the new great poster for KB!

Clicca per l'immagine full size


London premiere review and pix – Total Management

The Killing Bono Film Premiere Official After Party

Click HERE to read the article!


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The Mirror

Click HERE to read a short review of KB!

Freewheeling comedy with Barnes impressive as a musician railing against pal Bono (Martin McCann).


Interview with Ben

The Independent interviewed Ben. Click HERE to read the whole article.

Barnes’s career blossoms in U2’s shadow
Killing Bono star Ben Barnes tells Hilary A White why Colin Firth has replaced Stevie Wonder as a role model

It had always been sport when I was a kid, [I was] captain of all sports teams and everything. Then puberty hit for everyone else and didn’t for me and I found that quite difficult. But then I kind of found this little extracurricular niche; I found you could mix drama with music and singing, and my jazz bands and soul bands in school could be incorporated into plays and musicals.” Barnes “very quickly” realised that he was never going to be Freddie Mercury and took two years out before starting third level to explore other avenues such as TV presenting. He also became involved in the National Youth Music Theatre, the alma mater of Jude Law and Jamie Bell.

“I didn’t want to be a little fish,” he says. “There are those extrovert show-off people who have to have that attention and then there are people who step into the spotlight because it’s almost the easiest place to hide. I think my reality is somewhere in between.”

“I grew up wanting to be Stevie Wonder, basically,” he chuckles, “so to watch a film about white guys trying to sing soul was extraordinarily exciting to me when I was 17. Killing Bono is a movie about failure, but The Commitments is more about what it takes to pursue your dream. It’s a bit more optimistic; it was Wilson Pickett who pulls up in the car at the end, and they were amazing and they did have their moment in the sun. This is more the moment in the sh*t!”

Neil’s Twitter

He’s hilarious, as usual! Can’t wait for the interview!

The Twitter was posted a hour ago!


What a beautiful Sunday to be stuck in an attic office writing possibly the most narcissistic interview ever with the actor who plays myself

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Dan John Blog

Below you can read some quotes from a review of KB by Dan John (you can take a look at some great photos from the event too!)

Walking the red carpet was a treat, and the film was brilliant. It had the perfect mix of comedy and angst, and at no point did it seem like nothing was going on. I won’t ruin the overall plot for any of you, I’ll just say that you should all definitely go and see this film (out April 1st in cinemas).

Rock Feedback

However, principally as a comedy it is successful; the lead performances are strong and the laughs are frequent and, only as a warning to this generation of X-Factor hopefuls, it’s educational and often compelling viewing.


Screen Jabber

The chemistry between the two brothers was engrossing, especially as the story continued to unfold and we learned of the underlying and unspoken guilt between the two brothers. I found Barnes to be extremely watchable, particularly with his willingness to bury secrets from his brother and his desperation for his band to exceed U2, purely just to impress his brother who he felt he had let down. Channelling his rage, guilt and jealousy into Bono and obsessing over him brought some watchable turmoil, especially since it’s not Bono but himself he has to blame. Inevitably as all the secrets came tumbling out, tension built up and the confrontation between the two brothers worked well. Barnes and Sheehan both provided memorable performances and proved to me what exciting actors they are, hopefully they will gain some more recognition down the line.


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Some news for you!

Preview screening

DIYFilms Becky Reed

by Jon_hamm2671

Killing Bono is quite wonderful, if a little long. Bin Bons is ace, and very funny.

Love film

Exclusive Preview Screening of Killing Bono Plus Interactive Q&A with Ben Barnes & Nick Hamm

Calling all Ben Barnes fans! We are giving members the chance to join us at an exclusive preview screening of Killing Bono, followed by a live Q&A with the man himself and director Nick Hamm. The event will be taking place at 6pm sharp on Tuesday 29 March, at a central London location.

To win a pair of tickets, all you have to do is email your details to

Killing Bono is a rock n’ roll comedy about two Irish brothers struggling to forge their path through the 80’s music scene. Whilst the meteoric rise to fame of their old school pals U2 only serves to cast them deeper into the shadows.

Neil McCormick always knew he’d be famous. A young Irish songwriter and budding genius, nothing less than a life of rock n’ roll stardom will do. But there’s only room for one singer in school band The Hype and his friend Paul’s already bagged the job. So Neil forms his own band with his brother Ivan, determined to leave The Hype in his wake. There’s only one problem: The Hype have changed their name. To ‘U2’. And Paul has turned into ‘Bono’.

Killing Bono is released 1 April.



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Huge thanks to Tina Remiz for posting this review commissioned by MouthLondon!

Stephen from MouthLondon sent us the link to read the whole interview! Click HERE!

Dynamic, funny and real, the film tells a story of the McCorrmy brothers’ vain efforts to make their way through the 80s music scene and outstrip the fame of their old school mates, U2.

It has all the ingredients of a proper band movie: garage practices, underground gigs, the sweet smell of success and the bitter aftertaste of failure, brotherhood and betrayal,

sex, drugs and rock’n’roll – generously spiced with humor. In fact, the filmmakers seem to be so desperate to make sure you are not bored

that every minor episode is greatly overstated – be it extremely dramatic or hilarious. The rest is cut out, neglecting its importance for the story,

leaving your eyes wet with tears, your stomach hurting from laughing, and your head aching from the amount of information to digest.

Russian release date

According to IMDB and Caravella Distribution, Killing Bono will be released in Russia on:

April 14th, 2011

The Barnsley Reel Film Festival


Northern Preview Screening: Killing Bono (15)

Venue: Parkway Cinema

Date: Friday 18 March

Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £7

Two brothers attempt to become global rock stars but can only look on as old school friends U2 become the

biggest band in the world. Featuring an introduction and post show Q&A with Ivan McCormick whose life the film is based on.

Please note this event is part of 2011 Barnsley Reel Film Festival and will be at The Parkway Cinema, Eldon Street, Barnsley