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Thanks to Mariannevid on YouTube for the upload.


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Thanks to our dear Margherita, an Italian fan, who decided to share her review of Birdsong with us! She was kind enough to write an English version of it! Enjoy!

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20 December 2010

I MET HIM YESTERDAY! Of course it was planned, he’s acting in the theatre in London right now. The comedy is Birdsong, and it’s amazing, if you live in the city I recomend it! Ben was simply amazing, now I can really say he’s a good actor! I’ve only watched Dorian Gray in english, the other movie were in italian so it’s kinda difficult to judge his acting…..but on stage, geez he was wonderful! He’s the protagonist, so he’s in almost every scenes….and actually it was strange because he appeared on the very first scene, alone. We didn’t have to wait for him, he was the first one who showed up! Really amazing…I want to watch it again, but I can’t.

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Thanks Regys!

Huge thanks to JE Browning on YouTube for posting this WONDERFUL and exciting video of her meeting with Ben outside the Comedy Theatre o the last day of Birdsong. It is really worth watching. =)

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Meeting the Ben Barnes again on the last day of Birdsong where he kindly signed the first ever edition of Homequest: Liberation – the book he helped to inspire – surreal :-)

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Thanks Regys!

Below you can read some quotes of another great review by Dan John which was posted on his blog. You can also take a look at the photos he took at the meeting with Ben.

I’d like to thank Sebastian Faulks for allowing it to be adapted, Rachel Wagstaff for adapting it so perfectly, Trevor Nunn for directing it in his magical way,
and all of the cast (especially Ben Barnes) for acting it convincingly and with the passion it deserves.
Following the performance, I headed straight for the Stage Door to wait for the man himself. When he came out
he was friendly to everyone, and did pretty much whatever was asked of him. He signed a picture
I took with me and my programme, as well as letting me have a photo with him. He did this for everyone there before eventually heading home.
It was a pleasure to see an actor being so pleasant with his fans.

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Ok dear Barnians, it’s time to catch up with the latest news!

Video Interview- Stephen Holt Show

Thanks to Stephen Holt Show on YouTube for this GREAT interview!

Video Interview- The Paul Frank Show

Thanks to Orlandita04 for the upload on YouTube!

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Huge thanks to Roxy on Mibba for this review plus photo! Posted on January 4th, 2011

I just met Ben Barnes :)

I’m so happy right now, you guys all know Prince Caspian right? Or Dorian Gray? Yea? Well tonight I went to see a play called Birdsong, just as a way to say goodbye to my Christmas holidays and I was blown away. I’m not just saying that because I like Ben Barnes, because at first I was sceptical, I wondered if he could pull off a stage production. And my god can he pull off a stage production.

The basic summary of the story is this:
Stephen Wraysford (Ben Barnes) goes to France to meet a industry man to potentially invest in his company, he then falls in love with the industry man’s wife and together they have an affair. They eventually run away together before she leaves him without saying a word, then we are brought forward in time, to the first World War. Stephen is a commanding officer (I think) in the army and it follows his life in the war, throughout the four years. The play is split into three times, 1910, 1914 and 1917. And let me tell you, by the end of that play my heart was racing like crazy and I was shaking for a good ten minutes. I’ve never been so moved by a play in my life!
So, if you can, go see it. The show ends on the 15th of January :)

And, I met Ben Barnes! After the play he came out and had a chat with us, signed things and took photos. I was really surprised actually, I assumed that because he was a well known hollywood name that he would be a bit of a pr*ck, but he wasn’t at all. He was really sweet and even waited when I told him my friend wanted a photo before he went (as she was getting a photo with the main actress.)

Now, without further ado…ignore my face, I don’t look so good, but he does!! :D