Bring a Sturdy Golf Bag in Your Game: Stand Bags

Golf is about hitting that ball with combined force, concentration, precision, and luck in an attempt to have few strokes. Landing it to the putting green and shooting it to those holes is a glory for a golfer. To professionals or amateur players, a birdie or an albatross is a good thing. But this is hard to achieve especially when the ball is affected by the strength of air current.

The ball may fall in a direction that the golfer does not expect.

Golf-BagYou may bring the cart but it might be hard to drive it especially when the terrain is not that good. Walking is the best solution. Carrying a staff bag or a cart bag may become a hindrance due to their weight. But a sturdy golf bag can be a solution – the stand bags.

If a player prefers to walk along the course, the stand bag is the best golf bag to be suggested. It is lightweight as compared to cart and staff bags. It can serve the purpose of the two bags at once. It has pockets to keep a golfer’s equipment organized.

The stand bag has two retractable legs that make it efficient to bring along the course while walking. These legs allow the bag to stand upright, hence the name. The bag allows easy access to the golf clubs during the game. Cart golf bags and staff golf bags are designed to stand upright on flat surfaces but stand bags’ retractable legs allow them to be put upright into any terrain.

Some stand bags are designed with straps for easy carrying and to evenly distribute the tension to both shoulders.

If the player has a bad back, then the stand bag is the best choice for him. The bag has a weight of five pounds. Because it is easy to bring and has retractable legs suited for any non-flat terrain, it lessens the chance of bending to pick up those clubs. Clubs are prone to damage when they are laid in the ground. Having a stand bag gives lease chance to damages. It can also serve the purpose of a cart bag. It can be strapped into the riding carts or pull carts. But the legs should be checked so that it will not be damaged.

In terms of stamina, the golfer can save more energy with stand golf bags. Because it weighs lighter than staff bags and cart bags, stand bags are much preferred by those players who experience terrible back pains. It is also easier to carry. It can be attached to the riding cart or carried manually with least effort exerted as compared to the staff and cart bags. This bag is more versatile as compared to the other two.

On space optimization, stand bags are the least among the three.

golf bags

It offers limited space for the golf clubs. Although it has enough pockets to organize and hold game accessories, it will require a player to have those golf accessory bags. The player might have a golf shoe bag to contain those pair of shoes or a quiver carry bag to hold for other golf clubs or accessories.

If walking is the best way to finish that golf course game, then having a stand bag for your equipment is the next best thing. A player can easily reach where his golf ball landed with stand bags. It can be put on different terrains and is handy all over the game. No more running back and forth to get those clubs and markers. Golf bags can save you energy, protect your equipment, and can be more versatile than other bags.


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